Walking Tutors

Walking aids can often aid recovery or provide immediate access to mobility. There are many types of walking aids that include walking canes, quad canes, Zimmer frames, wheelie walkers and rollators, gutter arm rollators and walking tutors.

Following strokes and significant injuries it may be a leaning process to walk again. Sometimes this involves the use of a walking tutor. A walking tutor is a specialized equipment item that supports your forearms in gutter supports to reduce the risk of falling.


Walking tutors can have all 4 wheels free moving or 2 fixed and 2 free wheeling depending upon the needs of the user. Some walking tutors have a padded upper support section without gutter arm supports. Some walking tutors can be fitted with hand brakes. Walking tutors are designed for indoor use on flats surfaces only.

A Gutter Arm Rollator is similar to a walking tutor however it is designed for outdoor use to provide access for shopping and getting to appointments. This equipment item has brakes and a seat between the forearm gutter supports. This may be an appropriate item to use based upon advice from your healthcare professional.