Mobility Aids Safety

Mobility Aids Safety

whether you buy or hire, safety may not be an obvious concern when looking for a disability aid. However we do all agree that we want to ensure that the person using the disability aid will be both safe and comfortable.

Most Important Considerations are:

The person’s height, weight, age & sex.

Disability equipment safety is important because disability aids are usually manufactured to cater to an individuals specific size and weight. So if we know the users, height, weight, age & sex, we can ensure the person to use the item will fit comfortably and within the equipment’s safe weight & use range. Additionally if the item is for a female who is relatively short, it is important to be aware that additional hip / thigh width also needs to be considered in equipment selection, particularly with wheelchairs and seating aids. Measuring across the width of the person’s seated hip width with a tape measure is the best way to match the person to the correct sized disability aid. Remember this not measuring for trousers, so only measure across the hip width. The person’s age can also be relevant in the disability aid type. Some disability aids are not as user friendly with elderly people and individuals with severe disabilities.

Mobility Aids Safety – Where will the Disability Aid be used?

Older homes generally have narrow doorways and passages, which may not allow some disability equipment types full access around the home or most importantly where they need to used most. So it is important to measure these locations in the home when you compare disability equipment options. Areas that are most important to measure are: bathrooms, bath tub width, height, toilet width, height, etc. it is worthwhile considering measuring around these areas even if you have a relatively new home to ensure the disability equipment will fit and can be used in the way that you need it to function.

Mobility Aids Safety – Environment Considerations

Not all disability equipment can be used safely in wet areas. It is important to ask if you are unsure if the location you wish to use the disability aid is appropriate for that particular item. It is important to NEVER store disability equipment outdoors. Disability equipment is expensive and made from materials that can be difficult to repair or replace so it is a good idea to ensure these items are only stored in a dry, clean location away from direct sunlight. Wheeled mobility and disability equipment should never be used on rough surfaces as the compounds used to make the wheels can be easily damaged through misuse and are expensive to replace. There are very few purpose built wheeled off road mobility or disability equipment items. The majority of equipment and aids are designed or indoor use. Where disability equipment is to be used in a community setting such as a nursing home, it is important that the staff is made aware that the item/s are to be used exclusively for the individual who has purchased or hired the item/s. We have seen many occasions where equipment has been shared across a facility and sustained damage through ill care and / or misuse.

Mobility Aids Safety – Transportation

When you transport a disability equipment item you must be sure the item will fit in your vehicle safely with causing harm to yourself or others and naturally without causing damage to either the disability equipment or your vehicle. Utilities are often unsuitable for transporting disability equipment as the equipment is often exposed to the weather, can be poorly secured and at risk of damage through ill-use of securing straps and / or rubbing against metal. It is important to remember that if you are picking up a disability equipment to ensure that you have first removed the baby seat, golf clubs, fuel cans, groceries and anything else that is on the back seat or in the boot that can be removed ahead of picking up the disability equipment.

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