Electric Lift Chair Guide

This is a guide to assist understanding of powered Electric Lift Chairs


Electrically operated lift recline chairs are a type of recline chair that allows a person to electrically control the chair’s functions. This includes operating the backrest and footrest as well as the lift and seating functions. An electric powered lift and recliner chair (also known as a rise and recline chair) will provide increased safety, ease of use, and superior comfort compared to a lounge chair.

Many people, including arthritis sufferers, often find rising from a couch or chair to be a difficult and sometimes painful task. Typical lounge chairs are often closer to the floor and provide very little leverage or support for standing purposes. being seated for extended periods can often make raising from seated position a difficult experience for many people.

An electric lift and recline chair has motor driven lifting mechanisms in the chair frame which gently raises the lift recliner chair to a semi standing position. With the chair in the fully raised position the occupant is standing and can more safely walk from the chair. To sit down, the user can raise the chair to its highest point and reverse themselves into the seat, using the hand controller to lower themselves to a seated position. The lift chair reclines easily to a fully seated position allowing adjustment for comfort with the back rest and foot rest fully motorised to be adjustable. All of this is usually accomplished from using a simple two button hand controller. Most modern lift and recline chairs have a battery backup to allow exit from the chair if a power failure occurs.

Disabled individuals, recovering patients and the elderly often see great benefit using lift recline chairs (sometimes referred to as a riser recliner chair, recliner lifter chair or electric riser chair). Most users attracted by the ease of  standing and sitting and control the back rest and foot rest – all at the touch of a button.

There are generally 2 types of lift & recline chairs:

One Motor Electric Lift Chair:
These Electric lift chairs are only able to recline to approximately 45°. These are an old style of lifter chair that cannot fully recline with limited adjustment for comfort.

Two (2) Motor or Infinite Position Electric Lift Chair:
The infinite position lift recline chair has independent backrest and footrest positions, which means it can be adjusted to suit your particular needs for comfort. It allows independent operation of the backrest and footrest and enables the user to lay the back low to sleep comfortably. This is the most modern type of lift recline chair and is most suited to individuals with limited and declining mobility. Motorised Electric lift recline chairs have quiet & powerful electric motor action which is controlled electronically with a simple and easy to use hand controller.

There are many retailers of this type of chair but it is wise to shop around. Beware of sellers that offer options such as custom coverings and massage options. These options may sound great but often add significant cost to the purchase price of the chair. it is always best to go with an Australian manufacturer as the chair will usually be better quality and more reliable. if you are unsure if you need a lift recline chair it is always a good idea to hire first to try it out before making a purchase.

An Electric Lift Chair can literally change your life for the better. Apart from the freedom and independence a lift recline chair provides, they are therapeutic in many ways, and can also dramatically reduce the risk of a fall; a lift recline chair is a long-lasting and attractive piece of furniture, and a wise investment.

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