Disability Equipment Funding

There are a number of government initiatives that support funding for disability aids and equipment, these include MASS (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme) and NDIS ( National Disability Scheme). There are also specialised subsidies depending upon the diagnosed condition that requires supportive disability aids and equipment. This URL is a link to state government support options https://www.qld.gov.au/disability/families-carers-friends/aids-equipment

Generally speaking, access to subsidised disability aids and equipment may be a time consuming process, and the subject may require a professional assessment from a medical practitioner, OT or Physio prior to an application for financial assistance. Always seek advice from your doctor and he will refer you to the relevant healthcare professional to support your application needs.

If your need is immediate there are some options:

You can purchase outright, the equipment you need and later claim costs from your insurer or subsidy provider. You may need to enquire the process for this to occur ahead of purchase. Some subsidy providers may not reimburse 100% of your costs.

You can hire the equipment; this can be particularly useful while waiting for subsidised equipment to arrive and where the equipment need is more urgent ahead of disability equipment availability. This will usually present a lower cost than purchase but may not be fully reimbursed by your insurer or subsidy provider.