Electric Lift Chairs

Electric Lift Chairs are comfortable and provide safety in resolving seating issues. Electric Lift Chairs are a type of recliner lift chair that allows a person to control the chair funtions electronically, including the backrest and footrest as well as the lift function. An Electric Lift Chair (also known as a rise and recline chair) provides increased safety, ease of use, and superior comfort compared to a typical lounge recliner chair.

An Electric Lift Chair has a motor to slowly and gently raise the chair to a semi standing position to allow easy entry and exit, and then the back rest and foot rest can be raised or lowered, all using a simple controller. Seniors, the infirm, persons with a disability, recovering patients and others are all seeing the benefits of these lift recline chairs (sometimes referred to as a riser recliner chair, recliner lifter chair or electric riser chair).

Two Motor (Infinite Position) Electric Lift Chairs

The two motor Electric Lift Chairs function with fully independent backrest and footrest adjustment, which means it provides significantly more comfort adjustment than the older style one motor lifter recline chairs. And unlike one motor lifter recliner chairs, you can fully extend or raise the footrest without reclining the backrest, and vice versa. 2 motor Electric lift chairs provide infinite position adjustment and can lay back to enable a more comfortable sleeping position.

Special Purpose Electric Lift Chairs

Bariatric Electric Lift Chairs

Bariatric Electric lift chairs are specially designed for the larger user, both in size and weight, up to 500kg. The frames are typically welded steel and the resulting heavy duty lift recline chair is extremely heavy. They are also rather expensive to purchase.

Wall Hugger’ Electric Lift Chairs

Also known as space saver Electric lift chairs, these lifter recliners may be positioned as close as 15cm (6″) from a wall. The mechanism of this type of lift chair actually extends the chair out from the wall as it reclines, whilst the base stays in place. The wall hugger lift chair is ideal for use in confined spaces and well suited to apartment living. The down side is they are very limited in recline to enable a flat position for sleeping.

Closed Base Electric Lift Chairs

The closed base Electric lift chair model has a completely enclosed base, with the lifting frame independent of the base, providing absolute safety to children and pets who may otherwise become trapped in the mechanism of a standard type recliner chair or lift chair. This now a very uncommon type of lifter recline chair.

IMPORTANT: The above noted chairs can often be rented for short term or long term use. Never hire a fabric covered equipment item as it is not possible to guarantee hygiene from one user to the next.

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Be careful when shopping around for your lift recline chair as prices can vary by the thousands $$ and there can often be little difference between the chairs you are comparing. make sure you buy from a reputable reseller who can provide customer testimonials and provide service support after warranty.

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