Home Care Help

Hospitals are hardly comfortable places in which to convalesce, and for many reasons. The large number of patients being cared for will usually mean you’ll be placed in a ward with other people, with only a curtain separating you from the next person.

It’s a busy place and noisy: with nurses, cleaning and catering staff, and doctors; in and out at all hours. So, despite the care, it is certainly difficult to get the rest you need. And, difficult for friends and family to spend the time with you they would like.

Hospitals generally discharge patients as quickly as possible due to the high cost of care and increasing demand for hospital beds from people in greater immediate need. This is why it is important to consider home care and the types of aids that may be required to assist recovery.

It is important to ensure a carer does not suffer strain or injury in the course of home care tasks. The provision of specialised disability equipment & aids can assist safety and ease of care provision, particularly with elderly and disabled individuals.

Home care, especially for someone needing a high level of care, can be very expensive. Some people may find it expensive to purchase the necessary home care equipment due to costs involved. Rental of disability aids and equipment can often be a cost effective option for temporary disability equipment use. As used disability equipment and aids have little value this can also save financial loss when the aids are no longer of use.

Home care needs for hire of disability equipment may include some of the items listed below.

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