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Mobility Seat Walkers / Rollators / Wheelie Walkers for Seniors for Sale & Hire In Brisbane

A Wheelie Walker, also known as a Rollator, seat walker or mobility walker, is designed to assist people to walk or move about independently. We carry the highest quality Wheelie Walkers Brisbane has to offer, all backed by our 40 day satisfaction and price beat guarantees.

If you are elderly, disabled, handicapped, or have a medical condition, you may require the use of a  wheelie walker to assist you in walking, as opposed to a wheelchair for those unable to walk without assistance.

If you decide you need to use a wheelie walker there are a number of factors to consider.

What is a Wheelie Walker?

Today, current wheelie walker products are more efficient than ever, with a wide choice of styles and features available.

A wheelie walker is used to assist you in your mobility, and is very easy to use. Rollator walkers generally come with four wheels, to help you move around upon ground surfaces evenly.

There are different wheelie walker products available, and some have added features, such as a seat, a backrest, brakes, etc, and come in a range of colours to suit individual tastes. Rollator walkers are ergonomically designed to make the walking motion smoother, allowing the user to move across the ground effortlessly.

How to Use a Wheelie Walker

To use a wheelie walker, centre your weight to the walker, stand up in front of it, securely grip the handles, and push the rollator forward. To move backwards, pull the walker, and to turn around, simply change the direction of the walker.

The wheelie walker can help you re-learn to walk. Its a good idea to use a rollator instead of a wheelchair to maintain and or regain mobility independence.

There are various styles of wheelie walkers available, and these are constantly being upgraded and released for rental or sale.

Most Common Wheelie Walker Types

4 Wheel Wheelie Walkers With Seats

The most common standard lightweight rollator walker has four wheels and has a seat attached, and can move easily over almost any surface, including grass and uneven ground.

Compact Wheelie Walkers

Idea for those who travel. This rollator walker can be folded into a small lightweight package for easy air, bus or train transit.


This version of the wheelie walker is suitable for a person who weighs over 120kgs. This type of rollator is wider than a standard rollator with a greater weight capacity and seat width.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in finding the right mobility walker for your needs.