Hiring an Electric Lift Chair

Electric Lift Chair Rental


There are several types of electric Lift Chairs but with limited types available for hire. The most important considerations about hiring Electric Lift Chairs are prioritised in the following order:


Many viruses and potentially harmful bacteria are transferred on object surfaces. Healthcare equipment is the most at risk, particularly hire healthcare equipment due to the use by people who are often quite unwell. Only hire healthcare equipment from a company that can prove that they have hygiene systems to guarantee that their equipment is thoroughly clean with no risk of cross infection from one user to another.

Never hire an Electric Lift Chair that has a fabric covering as it is not possible to guarantee hygiene from one user to the next. Fabric covered chairs and equipment are virtually impossible to clean properly as the fabric fibres and underlying foam can harbour viral contaminates long after rigorous cleaning. The best cleaning method with fabrics would be a soaking with strong disinfectants, however this creates its own issues that include moisture retention where the drying process which if not thorough, allows mould spores to develop. Mould spores are often invisible to the eye until the mould manifests itself through the upper layers of the fabric. The safest coverings are ones which are impervious to moisture and can be easily wiped down and rapidly dried.

The most reliable covering to ensure good hygiene is vinyl. Most reputable hire companies only use Lift Recline Chairs with medical grade vinyl covers. Medical grade vinyls are supple and purposely suited for hire use as it is possible to thoroughly clean the Electric Lift Recline Chair covers to ensure a hygiene standard that will guard against infection from one user to another. Click here for more information regarding healthcare equipment hygiene.


Most people today want an Electric Lift Chair that can be fully adjustable and recline fully to a completely flat position to allow the user to sleep in the chair. This is particularly useful following a procedure such as hip replacement or shoulder reconstruction surgery where it can be very difficult to be comfortable in a bed. This type of Electric Lift Chair is referred to as a 2 Motor Electric Lift Chair. The reason it has 2 motors is so that the back rest and the footrest can operate independently of each other, providing infinite adjustment and allowing the chair to lay back for sleeping.

Older types of Electric Lift Chairs that exist in the hire market tend to be single motor or 1 motor Electric Lift Chairs. This type of chair is limited in its range of position adjustment and does not lay back for sleeping. This type of chair can be heavy and may be difficult to locate in specific areas within a home.


Electric Lift Chairs tend to be heavy (approx 50 – 70 Kgs) and require 2 people to carry them. 2 Motor Electric Lift Chairs often have a removable backrest which makes the chair less heavy and safer to carry by 2 people to locate almost anywhere the user wants it positioned.

2 Motor Electric Lift Chairs need to be located a little out from the wall to allow the chair to fully recline to a laid back position for sleeping. If the 2 Motor Electric Lift Chair is to be located on a flat, uncarpeted surface it is recommended that the wheels be secured with wheel cups. These are often provided by the hire company or can be easily purchased at any hardware store. It is wise to keep small animals and children away from the back and sides of the Electric Lift Chair so that they cannot come into contact with the Electric Lift Chairs mechanism.

It is always a good idea to cover your hire Lift Recline Chair with a large rug or sheet. This puts a barrier between the user and the Electric Lift Chair covering. This can improve comfort with Lift Recline Chairs that have vinyl coverings as vinyl does not breath and can become hot for some people to sit on.

When hiring a Electric Lift Chair ask questions to satisfy yourself to the standards of hygiene and the functions you require from a Electric Lift Chair.

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