Our equipment is SAFE against infection from Coronavirus (Covid-19) We are here to help!

Since 2008, Mobility Rentals & Sales have led the industry with the strongest hygiene standards to protect our customers and staff against cross infection from transmitted diseases such as Influenza, Gastro and Staph infections. Our standards are effective to protect against cross infection for Coronavirus (Covid19) transference

As well as maintaining a clean & safe showroom, all of our equipment is put through a hygiene system where it undergoes significant cleaning to ensure it is safe to use and safe from infection transference of transmittable diseases including Coronavirus.

Should you consider using any other service providers, ensure that you satisfy yourself they use suitably effective hygiene systems to protect you and your family from the risk of Coronavirus transference. Please feel free to discuss this with any of our professional and helpful team.

Please click here for additional information regarding Coronavirus and the importance of Hygiene and infection control systems for disability and mobility equipment and aids.