Disability Aids For Sale Online

Buying Disability Equipment Online has never been easier!

It’s a great way to buy what you need, delivered directly to your door.

Here are 4 things to consider prior to, and during your online purchase.


It is no longer necessary to buy locally… but is the disability equipment supplier in a location or region that is typically reliable in terms of follow up contact, language and regional standards of manufacturing. This is important if you have questions or issues you may wish to discuss with the supplier, so ensure there is at least a contact phone number (in Australia). Some suppliers appear to be Australian but if you look more closely they do not have a contact phone number and are often based somewhere in Asia even though they may present themselves as an Australian business. Buying from a local supplier can often reduce the risk of being sent  potentially un-safe products that may NOT meet Australian TGA compliance. How long has this business been around? are there customer testimonials or reviews that can give you a better idea of how the supplier treats its customers.


Disability equipment items are designed for constant use and will wear differently depending upon the individuals needs. For example where a person has a cast, brace or support fitted, these supports come into frequent contact with the mobility equipment and can cause wear and damage that is not warrantable. And please remember, disability equipment does wear out, particularly when used often. At least 1 year warranty from point of purchase should be expected.


Many websites offer free freight or none at all, check first before buying to understand freight costs. When freight is advertised “free”, know that this is not “free”, and that freight cost has been included to the cost of the item you are buying. You should be able to obtain a freight cost without having to provide your personal contact and credit card information. Freight costs should be accessible before you enter any personal information. We advise that you do not enter any personal information on any e-commerce website until you have the final purchase and freight costs.


Remember to shop around but always compare apples with apples. For disability and mobility equipment and aids it is always a good idea to put safety, quality and performance ahead of price. Once you have found the most suitable type of disability equipment or aid, then ensure it is coming from a reputable supplier at a fair and competitive price. Avoid steel items for the shower or toilet because they can rust and therefore can become a potential infection hazard or become structurally unstable.

While this is a guide, always use your common sense to determine if the supplier and their processes make sense to you and seem fair.

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