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Designed for those who seek an added measure of safety, independence, and comfort during their bathing routines, Shower Buddy assists users to maintain their dignity, independence, and freedom.

Key Features:
Safety First: Each Shower Buddy system is meticulously crafted with the highest safety standards in mind. Its innovative design ensures minimal slips, trips, or mishaps, ensuring users and caregivers have complete peace of mind during each bath or shower.

Independence: Bathing is a personal experience. Shower Buddy promotes autonomy, allowing users to shower with minimal or no assistance, enhancing their self-reliance and confidence.

Ease of Assembly: Shower Buddy can be assembled with ease in under 20 minutes, with no tools required.

Adaptable Design: With six distinct models ranging from pediatric to adult sizes, Shower Buddy caters to individual needs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every user.

Cost-Effective: Avoid costly bathroom renovations! Shower Buddy is an affordable solution that seamlessly works with most showers, bathtubs and roll-in showers.

Shower Buddy isn’t just a transfer system; it’s a movement towards greater independence, safety, and joy in one of life’s most private routines.

Our range of Showerbuddy products is available to buy online for delivery anywhere in Australia.

A select range of the ShowerBuddy range is also available for hire locally in Southeast Queensland.