Travelling with a Disability

Having a disability should not mean that you have any less right to a holiday and access for travel. However the reality can be more limiting for a number of reasons.

Travelling with your disability aids and equipment can be difficult and potentially very expensive. The weight and size of some disability aids and equipment can mean that the equipment items cost of travel maybe more than yours. While most airlines today are very considerate towards disabled passengers and they will allow you more luggage, most likely there will not be enough luggage allowance for all the items that you may need while on holiday.

An alternative can be to hire the equipment items you will need, to be available for you upon arrival to your preferred accommodation. This can be achieved by contacting a reputable disability equipment hire company that is situated near the location you wish to visit to arrange for disability equipment hire.

There are some important considerations ahead of finalising a booking with any company. Do they have hygiene safe equipment? Is it cleaned through a process that guarantees you from cross infection from previous users? Can they ensure delivery prior to your arrival and collection after you have left.

It is important that you make the appropriate arrangements with your hotel so that they are aware of your specific needs and advise them the dates that you will be receiving disability equipment and that the supplier will be collecting the items. Some equipment types may need to be assembled and disassembled by the Hire Company staff so it will be important to make the Hotel aware of this if relevant.

It is important that you make these arrangements and not the equipment hire company. 1) you are the Hotels client and they will listen to you as they should want to support your holiday needs 2) You need to be certain that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday so making the arrangements yourself ensures that everything should happen as you need it to.