Hire Item Collection & Delivery

Most companies will in addition to allow you to collect disability from their depot also provide a delivery & collection service. Most times it’s easier and more convenient to pick up and return smaller equipment items from the companies depot at your leisure. This is a good way to avoid additional expense for delivery charges as well as it can fit in your day’s routine. Family and friends can also assist with this task if you find that you can’t call in yourself for any reason.

Where collection is not possible due to requiring the equipment at a holiday location, the item is very large and bulky such as lifter recline chairs and hospital beds or you are unable to get to the depot for collection, delivery will be the best option. Most companies deliver disability equipment within an assigned area so it is a good idea to ask this question. It is always a good idea to ask questions so that you understand the nature of the service you are being quoted as well as read the terms and conditions relating to equipment hire, delivery & collection (this information is usually posted on the companies website).

Always remember, when picking up & returning disability equipment that you are responsible to ensure the equipment is not damaged during transit so ensure you have a covered area in your vehicle that is clean and clear to allow easy and safe loading and unloading. Make sure that your vehicle has a large enough space to fit the equipment when loaded. If using a utility, ensure that the equipment item can be secured and protected from rain, scrapes and damage that may occur if placed against the side of the tray. Best to bring rope, tarp and blankets for securing your equipment in the back of a utility.

Most companies that offer a delivery and collection service that require the client to be onsite when they arrive to deliver or collect equipment and should provide some indication of when they will arrive, i.e morning or afternoon. The timing is likely to be general because of traffic flows and that they will have other deliveries & collections as well as yours to fit in the day.

Most company delivery fees are inexpensive if you consider what a courier, taxi, or furniture removalist may charge for a similar service, hence the need to fit in as many deliveries and collections to a days run as possible to keep the cost low for everyone. As with our company most disability equipment hire businesses struggle to meet the costs of running a delivery service and in most instances loose money to provide this service for their customers.

It is always important to ensure that you return hire items in clean undamaged condition; this helps to avoid additional cleaning charges (often imposed with significantly dirty returned items) or be up for costs to repair or replace the equipment item you have hired should they be damaged while in your possession. Remember, you are responsible for the equipment from the time you receive a hire item to the moment it is returned, the hirer is responsible for its condition, even when damage is caused by a carer or anyone else you allow to handle it.

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