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Our equipment is SAFE against infection from Coronavirus (Covid-19) We are here to help! Since 2008, Mobility Rentals & Sales have led the industry with the strongest hygiene standards to protect our customers and staff against cross infection from transmitted diseases such as Influenza, Gastro and Staph infections. Our standards are effective to protect against cross infection for Coronavirus (Covid19) transference As well as maintaining a clean & safe showroom, all of our equipment is put through a hygiene system where it undergoes significant cleaning to ensure it is safe to use and safe from infection transference of transmittable diseases … Read more

Walking Tutors

Walking aids can often aid recovery or provide immediate access to mobility. There are many types of walking aids that include walking canes, quad canes, Zimmer frames, wheelie walkers and rollators, gutter arm rollators and walking tutors. Following strokes and significant injuries it may be a leaning process to walk again. Sometimes this involves the use of a walking tutor. A walking tutor is a specialized equipment item that supports your forearms in gutter supports to reduce the risk of falling.   Walking tutors can have all 4 wheels free moving or 2 fixed and 2 free wheeling depending upon … Read more

Travelling with a Disability

Having a disability should not mean that you have any less right to a holiday and access for travel. However the reality can be more limiting for a number of reasons. Travelling with your disability aids and equipment can be difficult and potentially very expensive. The weight and size of some disability aids and equipment can mean that the equipment items cost of travel maybe more than yours. While most airlines today are very considerate towards disabled passengers and they will allow you more luggage, most likely there will not be enough luggage allowance for all the items that you … Read more

Disability Equipment Funding

There are a number of government initiatives that support funding for disability aids and equipment, these include MASS (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme) and NDIS ( National Disability Scheme). There are also specialised subsidies depending upon the diagnosed condition that requires supportive disability aids and equipment. This URL is a link to state government support options Generally speaking, access to subsidised disability aids and equipment may be a time consuming process, and the subject may require a professional assessment from a medical practitioner, OT or Physio prior to an application for financial assistance. Always seek advice from your doctor and … Read more

Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation in Brisbane

Travelling with a loved one who has limited mobility can present many challenges that includes finding suitable disability friendly accommodation. To help make your next trip to Brisbane & the Gold Coast that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list (below) of local hotels and serviced apartments in and around Brisbane that can provide wheelchair accessible rooms and facilities. These rooms may include roll in showers, hand rails around the toilet and shower, available parking etc, however we strongly recommend you contact your chosen hotel to confirm these details prior to booking. Not all Hotels are the same, however most have a very good … Read more

Postoperative Care

Home postoperative care is a critical time for many people. Hospital procedures, no matter how simple can be a scary and confusing experience, there is often a steep learning curve to understand how to care for themselves a family member or friend. This usually involves learning about disability and mobility equipment and seeking out service providers to support short or long term recovery needs. It is always a good idea to discuss postoperative home recovery with a healthcare professional and identify any disability or mobility aids that are recommended to support the various phases of recovery. This will allow time … Read more

Mobility Aids Safety

Mobility Aids Safety whether you buy or hire, safety may not be an obvious concern when looking for a disability aid. However we do all agree that we want to ensure that the person using the disability aid will be both safe and comfortable. Most Important Considerations are: The person’s height, weight, age & sex. Disability equipment safety is important because disability aids are usually manufactured to cater to an individuals specific size and weight. So if we know the users, height, weight, age & sex, we can ensure the person to use the item will fit comfortably and within the equipment’s safe weight & use range. Additionally if … Read more

Disability Aids For Sale Online

Buying Disability Equipment Online has never been easier! It’s a great way to buy what you need, delivered directly to your door. Here are 4 things to consider prior to, and during your online purchase. Supplier: It is no longer necessary to buy locally… but is the disability equipment supplier in a location or region that is typically reliable in terms of follow up contact, language and regional standards of manufacturing. This is important if you have questions or issues you may wish to discuss with the supplier, so ensure there is at least a contact phone number (in Australia). … Read more

Disability Equipment Hygiene Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus, Covid-19 Updated March 2020 Disability Equipment Hygiene is an important consideration for prevention of viral cross contamination with disability equipment and mobility aids at home and within health care facilities. In a previous role with a large national healthcare equipment supplier – where the majority of clients were aged care service providers and hospitals – I was concerned to witness frequent return of disability equipment sample and loan items directly into stock following use at aged care, nursing homes, and hospital facilities by sales and service personnel. There were no cleaning or decontamination processes in place to mitigate risk of cross infection for staff or the … Read more

Hospital Bed Choices

A hospital bed can assist individuals with reduced mobility and health issues. We spend at least a third of our lives in bed it is very important to be as comfortable in bed as possible. A good nights rest is vital for quality of life and general health. For those among us with partial or restricted mobility, the amount of time spent in bed may be greater. This becomes important for ease of movement, comfort, and safety as considerations in selecting a bed. The correct choice should ensure comfort and ease of movement in or out of bed. Well being relies on maintaining adequate rest and healthy sleep patterns with bodily comfort being essential. For … Read more